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Howdy, clog and comfortable shoe fans. Vintage started as a vintage clothing store (hence the name) way back in the heady days of 1987. The compulsive previous owner wanted out, so Mom mortgaged the family home to come up with the purchase price (she has long since been paid back!).

Eventually the mix turned to shoes, all unique, all comfortable - redefining fashion to accommodate the demands of healthy feet and posture.

About our mascot, Duckboy: one lot of vintage stuff had a petal-trimmed latex ladies bathing cap which was embossed with images of a creature morphing between a human boy and a duck. We cut one out and used it for a rubber stamp. This was the birth of Duckboy, our beloved muse.

Vintage in the news:
Monique: Boston Phoenix2005
Boston Phoenix2005

Boston Globe Magazine2005
Boston Phoenix2000
Boston Phoenix2004

2004 Annual Bike Valet Party

CDSC Benefit: We get to hang out with Ben Affleck!

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